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product review
product review

Product review

gods in an alcove: As promised, scifi-erotics designed a really convincing scifi toy, I loved the alien look of this dildo and the biomechanical details. I especially like the texture of the base and the shaft with all the tube-like veins and I love the contrast with the smooth surface on the other part of the shaft, but my favourite is the connection between the shaft and the head.
About the head, at the very first sight I thought it was the touch that made everything a bit creepy, but afterall isn’t this thrilling that you search in an alien encounter?

It’s huge. Well, if you are a size queen probably not, but it’s quite massive and if you decide to wander the space alone and get close to this type of alien, watch your steps.
The pointy head is well designed, it’s really comfortable and slips easily inside your pussy, feature not always obvious on big dildos. At the same time it’s also girthy and makes you feel immediately full and stretched: when you go deep and take it all, it hits the very bottom of your pussy with his thickness and for me this kind of sensation is one of the best feeling in the world. The shaft is thinner and I like the difference with the head.

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